Locomotivacion en Nuevo Mexico

It has been an engaging couple of weeks with some time to integrate bicycling into everyday life in Nuevo Mexico.  The motivation to ride has been incredible here.  I rode east out of town on beautiful new pavement in Tijeras Canyon then on south past the Pedaler’s Café on out to Tajique where I met Mai for a Fall hike up in the Manzanos.  Who knew there were red maple leaves mixed in here.

Hidden Magic

Hidden Magic

New Mexico has a lot of mountain ranges.  Nearest Albuquerque are the Sandias and Manzanos.

Looking Up

Looking Up

A Fall rain storm soaked the road into the mountains so we had to wait a few days but by the time it dried colors were great.

Rock and Fire

Rock and Fire

Mai took lots of photos as we munched on snacks I carried in our polka dot backpack.

Beauty all around

Beauty all around

Another trip we did together was to Santa Fe and a Japanese Tea Ceremony.  What Cultural Sophistication!  Talking about being in the moment.  It was Zen. Mai took some nice photos that capture the integrity of the ceremony.  I rode my bike to Santa Fe on the Turquoise Trail and met Mai there for the festivities.  Good times and as the leaves fall we are ready for new beginnings.  Thank you all for making us feel so welcome in this lovely place.


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